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Sunday, 30 May 2010

Want to lose weight? Not so fast, enjoy this bonus first.

Well, its been a while since I last wrote but I felt so enraged by the story above I felt I must.  If you read the article above and have anything to do with the health service, the military or any department that relies the governments small budgets to continue doing the best we can, then I can imagine you will share my rage.

Giving people money to lose weight?  Give people money to stop smoking?  What next, will the government paying my wife and I to go for a run?  Do I fill a form in to say I have been running and require a refund for spending my time away from the fridge or cigarettes and keeping fit?  Ridiculous.  If anything these people should be required to pay for their own treatment for allowing themselves to reach the state they are in.  Lifestyle choices are exactly what it says on the tin.  A CHOICE.  If these people have decided to eat/smoke and not take part in exercise or attempt to stop smoking then the choice has been made.  The government could put the money into schemes to help people and give them options, not simply pay them as an easy way out.

If they really want to impress those that work in the sector I'm sure they would prefer more nurses being trained to lighten their current hours.  Or a payrise (Or at least a pay freeze if cuts are coming) to help the nursing staff through a difficult times.  Another option would be to put the money into the current system for helping injured service personnel returning to full fitness, instead of allowing an independent charity do all the work required.

Or if all else fails, give the money to the MOD so they can distribute it evenly throughout those that require it to keep them alive in a warzone.

Rant complete.


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